I think that I'd like to spend time near the end talking about some of the issues we've spoken about the past few months:
  • It's OK to hit "Mark all as read", "Unsubscribe" or to just ignore your social network if you need to
  • Be careful about apps that lock your content in
  • Read those user agreements

Good ideas Heather. I'm not sure how much discussion time we'll have at the end but I agree that we should mention something about information overload filters.

Google Docs
  • Publishing
  • Sharing
  • Collaborating!!
  • Forms (if time)
I'm sure I can think about all other sorts of tools. My discussion topic would be that the best tools to use are the ones you know how.

Hmmm... what to do that might be different from youze guyz... How about my favourite cheap tools -- not free -- but worth the money and not gouging the consumer. Now, which ones? How about:

Snapz Pro (and maybe an honourable mention to Skitch)
Wiretap Studio or MX Skype Recorder combined with Skype Out
Delicious Library

Okay, one freebie I dearly love: Doodle Online Scheduling - http://doodle.ch
Oh yah, and of course Instapaper - http://www.instapaper.com

I know some are Mac only, but will that matter? If you think it's not a good idea to go that way, let me know. BUZZZZZZZZZZ!

Heather - I still like Audacity. It's free and cross-platform.

Okay... update (but I'm leaving the other stuff here for referernce)... I'm going to concentrate on recording conversations and why that's important. I'll use Wiretap as my example of a tool to accomplish it, and Audacity for editing, but the emphasis will be on recording online stuff -- not on the tool(s).

Twitter...I'll finally come out of the closet.
I'll talk about a few apps as well.
Wondering if that's enough? I'm thinking each of us should have to keep it to 5 minutes so we can have some discussion time?

Other stuff for other folks to consider?
Anyone going to talk about various Twitter apps? I use Twitterific, Twhirl and Hahlo, but I don't particularly want to talk about any of them. How about different video and screen capture tools (Jing, etc.)

Then there' are videoconferencing tools - ustream vs. Elluminate, etc.

Creative Commons
Open Educational Resources
Open Source Software
Free vs. Open vs. Open Access
Open Access Journals
Some covered here.