Ideas for the show

  • We (living sky school division) are looking at a 1:1 netbook program for all students in the division. What are some guidelines/best practice for implementing and administering the program? How will/should this change the way learning and teaching work in the schools? Are netbooks a good choice? If we could work this into the program, I'd appreciate the chance to share the ideas with staff and students in the school division. We're examining the feasibility and benefit of this kind of program right now.
  • Can we do plugs for TLt and the ITSummit? - Definitely!
  • Alec brought this up yesterday and then Dierdre Bonnycastle asked what I thought was a good question. We want schools to discipline students when they do this to another student, but what about when the target is a teacher?
  • What does everyone think (duck -- incoming!) about Google's conviction in Italy (its responsibility in the video of the beating of an autistic kid in 2006 that was posted to its site)?
  • Dean, do you want to talk about/plug PLP?
  • Congratulations to Kyle Lichtenwald and Bud Hunt?