Rob, Heather and Dean talking about:

Possible Times:

Saturday 11:00 AM
Monday 9:00 PM

Possible Topics:

  • Free Wireless in 4 cities in Sask
  • Favourite new web service
  • Cool Gadget

More topics - admittedly esoteric and obtuse

Courage - what does it take courage to do in what we do? How is it expressed?
Ethical practice - what does it mean to us? What challenges have we faced?
Love - what is it we really, really love about what we do?
Technology leadership as a marathon run - How do you stay engaged and excited over years/decades/careers?
Who's who? Who are people doing cool stuff (okay, our own A-list)? Better yet, who would you invite to a small dinner party because you'd really enjoy having the chance to sit next to them? (Given the time constraints, I'd like to have a go at this one)

Show Notes:

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